ebb - share your images without giving them away

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Розробник: InQBarna

Who decides for how long your images and conversations continue to be available online?

with ebb, you do!

ebb gives you back control over your images and conversations.

ebb is private, simple and intuitive:

You can decide when to share an image with a friend, and for how long it will be available.

An image can be available for a few seconds, hours or days, you choose!

Everything you send through ebb is encrypted: you and your friends will be the only ones who can see those images. We are unable to read images and messages stored in our servers.

After an image expires, your friends will no longer be able to access it: the image, along with all conversations about it, will disappear from our servers.

Even better, if you change your mind after sharing, you can remove an image at any time, and others will no longer be able to access it.